Praise for Just Jennie

Wonderful experience

Met with Jennie for an hour reading. Was worth every penny and then some. Skeptics can make all the comments they want, but she knew things about loved ones (both ones who have passed, and ones still with us) that cannot be found on the internet, etc. Was a wonderful, cathartic experience.

Tom P.


Jennie has done two sessions of reiki on me. Being a sufferer of severe anxiety disorders, insomnia, depression and everyday stress and being medicated for all the above I was a skeptic of natural remedies. After one short session of reiki with Jennie, my mind was changed. As soon as reiki session was over I was laughing, smiling, talking to other people and felt like 100 pounds had been lifted off my shoulders. Again, recently after bad news, I felt all negative energy and I asked Jennie last minute if she could squeeze me in a session and she did. I slept the best I ever did that night in years and the next day I'm feeling the most positive and blessed than ever before! Great healer and def recommend her!!! 

Lauren G.

Session with Jennie

 My 1 hr. session was confirming and "right on" awesome! Jennie allowed me to bring my sister-in-law in to the session with me. Upon showing family pics to Jennie, she clearly read interactions in our family dynamic that I needed confirmation on. Jennie gave me validation on thoughts and feelings that I have had, but wasn't sure what to think about them. I can't wait to visit my family, and have another session. Thank you!

Lauren R.

Reiki followed by a reading

Jennie is authentic, caring and talented. Had a great session. Felt relaxed and rejuvenated. Thank you Spirt Tree and Jennie. 

R. G.

Loved it!

Jennie was awesome, very kind and welcoming. She gave me the peace I was looking for. I’ve already given her name out to several friends who now want to go!


What a great reading!

I had the extreme pleasure of receiving a reading from Jennie. Within 5 minutes she tied in to things that she had NO way of knowing. Her compassion, her openness, and her gift was a true treasure. I highly recommend her and can't wait to see her again! Thank you so much! 

Linda R.